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People are always hustling and bustling around the holidays - and most likely shopping online. Drizly wanted to hop on that train, too, with a series of tv spots that spoke to the truth of delivering spirits straight to their door. 


Drizly has a pretty big presence when it comes to print and social. This holiday season, they wanted people to know that Santa isn't the only one who can deliver happiness. 




Open On: We see a Man and his Wife sleeping in Christmas pajamas. 

(think the Grinch scene)  

A noise like footprints on the roof - startles them awake.


Wife: What was that? 


Husband still half asleep.


Husband: What…? Huh?


We hear muffled voices and boots on a hardwood floor. 


Wife: (gasp) Oh! It’s Santa! Shhhh! Go back to sleep!


They smile at each other with excitement then pull the covers up and quickly go back to sleep as if they think Santa could hear them. 


Then on the roof, we see the sleigh and reindeer, Santa, and the Drizly Bear. 


As they are unpacking the sleigh we can tell that they are clearly agitated with each other. 


Santa: Every year you do this. Always in my way. 


Drizly Bear: You’re the one in the way. 

(He taps Santa’s gut in a sarcastic way.)


Santa: Well at least people are happy to see me. 


Drizly Bear: You only come out once a year to celebrate the Christmas “spirit”. But you see, I deliver the Drizly spirit 365 days a year. 


Santa is clearly getting even more agitated. 


Santa: This is my one night! And you’re out here making it all about you! 


The Drizly Bear pauses for a moment then looks at Santa with a sincere but sarcastic look. 


Drizly Bear: You bring the presents and I bring the… well all kinds of boozy goods. 

So what’s better than delivering the holiday cheer together? 


Santa: Okay... I see what you did there. How about you just squeeze that big hairy butt of yours down the chimney so we can move to the next house. 


With a smirk, the Drizly Bear walks over to the chimney. 


Drizly Bear: All right but next year we do it my way and go through the front door. 


Santa shoots him a dirty look.


Drizly Bear and Santa jump down the chimney one after another.


Super: Drizly. Deliver some spirit this year.



Riley Starr



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